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• Featuring realistic reproductions of wood, stone and metal designs and textures available in planks and tiles
• Polyurethane (PUR) surface treatment to assist ongoing maintenances
• Quieter underfoot and impact resistant

Use Areas

Suitable for residential applications including bedrooms, kitchen and living areas and light traffic commercial applications such as meeting rooms and offices


• 2mm Gauge
• 0.4mm Wear Layer
• 30 Shades
Recommended adhesive for standard installations is Star 100
Refer to Adhesive Guide for further information

Bleached Ash

Bleached Ash 5975

Grey Ash

Grey Ash 5962

Scandinavian Country Plank

Scandinavian Country Plank 5950

Honey Ash

Honey Ash 5963

Classic Oak

Classic Oak 5971

Wild Oak

Wild Oak 5953

Antique Oak

Antique Oak 5951

Antique Cherry

Antique Cherry 5955

Blond Indian Apple

Blond Indian Apple 5958

Natural Oak Medium

Natural Oak Medium 5968

Rusty Pine

Rusty Pine 5981

Aged Indian Apple

Aged Indian Apple 5959

Dark Brushed Oak

Dark Brushed Oak 5960

Natural Oak Dark

Natural Oak Dark 5969

Natural Oak Washed

Natural Oak Washed 5982

Natural Oak Grey

Natural Oak Grey 5967

Grey Brushed Oak

Grey Brushed Oak 5976

Worn Boatplank

Worn Boatplank 5983

White Oil Shale

White Oil Shale 5917

White Metalstone

White Metalstone 5926

Antique Travertine Light

Antique Travertine Light 5913

Antique Travertine Medium

Antique Travertine Medium 5915

Letters Grey

Letters Grey 5923

Brasilian Slate Oxide

Brasilian Slate Oxide 5920

White Limestone

White Limestone 5924

Silver Limestone

Silver Limestone 5925

Silver Slate

Silver Slate 5910

Brasilian Slate Blue

Brasilian Slate Blue 5922

Slate Grey

Slate Grey 5911

Black Oil Shale

Black Oil Shale 5916

NOTE: Images and swatches are for guidance only. For product and colour selection, an original sample is recommended.